• lane splitting in California

    Lane Splitting May Not Be Negligent in California

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    If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident with a car, you may be hit with a contributory negligence claim when you pursue your personal injury suit. This often results from the idea that you were lane splitting and thus creating unnecessary danger. Because of this, you may be facing…

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  • bicycle vs. pedestrian accidents

    Insurance Coverage: Bicycle vs. Pedestrian Accidents

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    We hear a great deal about bicyclists and pedestrians getting hit by cars, but one thing we rarely hear about are pedestrians getting hit by bicyclists. Yet, these types of accidents do occur, and on a pretty regular basis. The damage that can result can be fairly catastrophic and,…

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  • San Francisco personal injury attorney

    6 Important Things to Share with Your San Francisco Personal Injury Attorney

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    When you’re hurt in an accident and it’s not your fault, hiring a personal injury attorney is the most important thing you need to do to have the best chance at earning a settlement for the damages you’ve suffered. However, to ensure that your attorney delivers their best work,…

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  • Gruber Law Media and Feature Image (7)

    Can New Evidence Allow for a New Personal Injury Trial?

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    Going through a personal injury case can be stressful. It can turn your entire world upside down. Getting hurt in an accident is the last thing anyone wants, and having to fight for the compensation you deserve when someone else’s irresponsibility results in your injury can only make your…

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  • Gruber Law Media and Feature Image (6)

    When Failing to Render Aid Could be Considered Negligence

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    Being involved in a car accident is a horrific thing. Even driving past one can be traumatic to witness. Imagine how bad it becomes, however, if you weren’t even at fault for the accident, but you still get hit with a claim of negligence, all because you didn’t stop…

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