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    What to Tell Your Insurance Company After an Auto Accident

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    If you have been in an auto accident — regardless of who may be at fault — you should be extremely careful with how you discuss the incident with your insurance company. In fact, you will want to generally avoid giving them any information other than what already exists…

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  • 5 Ways to Get Smart About Bicycle Safety in San Francisco

    5 Ways to Get Smart About Bicycle Safety in San Francisco

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    San Francisco is simultaneously one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country and one of the most dangerous, according to data from the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS). OTS data from 2014, the most recent available year for study, shows that San Francisco ranks #1 in the…

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  • How to Document Evidence of Your Car Crash Injuries

    How to Document Evidence of Your Car Crash Injuries

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      For this reason, knowing how to document your injuries properly is paramount for increasing your odds of obtaining a fair settlement. In fact, in most cases the amount the defendant is willing to settle for increases in proportion to the strength of the presented evidence. Promote your case’s…

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  • public transit injury lawyer

    The Surprising Hidden Dangers of Riding Public Transit

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      Individuals who have been injured or who have had a loved one pass on after a public transit accident should realize that they are not alone in their suffering. They have options to recover money for their injuries, pain and anxiety, and other damages with the help of…

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  • personal injury cases for minors

    How Personal Injury Cases for Minors Are Different

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    Firstly, the child will have a representative appointed to help them make decisions, fulfill their legal obligations and come to a final settlement agreement. This person, known as a “guardian ad Litem,” is usually a parent or some other individual who can assume the role of guardian. There are…

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