• public transportation accident attorney

    Public Transportation Accident: Contact a Personal Injury Attorney IMMEDIATELY

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    Laws surrounding public transportation accidents, including accidents and injuries waiting for or riding MUNI or BART,  are somewhat contradictory. The laws provide both expanded opportunities for injury victims’ recovery under “common carrier” laws and limitations that result from immunities given to public agencies. You have only 6 months to…

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  • spinal cord injury attorney

    Steps to Take When You Suffer a Car Accident Spinal Cord Injury

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      Spinal cord injuries devastate victims with lasting trauma, both physical and mental. The level of quality care the injury victim receives in the immediate aftermath of the accident commonly has a huge affect on the extent of permanent damage. Because of this critical window, knowing how to address…

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  • pedestrian accident attorney

    Four California Traffic Laws to Know When You’re a Pedestrian

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    Pedestrians have relatively robust legal protections in the state of California, especially in San Francisco, but they are not invincible. In many instances, the same laws that instruct vehicles also serve to caution pedestrians against engaging in reckless behavior or from presenting an “immediate hazard” to others. To help…

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  • Lyft accident attorney San Francisco

    What to Do When Your Lyft Ride Seems Sketchy

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    Ridesharing services offer convenience, but that should never come at the expense of feeling safe. Every person has a right to preserve their own personal safety. In the case of feeling unsafe with a Lyft driver, that passenger has a right to cancel their trip at any point in…

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  • Uber accident lawyer in San Francisco

    Ride-share Accidents: Who Is Liable?

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    Getting into an Uber or a Lyft should not mean waiving your legal rights. Neither should choosing to share a road with ridesharers. Yet, every day across the country passengers and others on the road are involved in accidents with ridesharing companies. Some studies show that this accident rate…

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