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I feel so grateful to have Eric represent my auto accident cases. I am very happy with the settlements he successfully negotiated for me; indeed, the amount of money that I received is more than what I expected.

My personal injury cases were a little complicated. I had two car accidents in a row within two months, both at the other party’s fault. The first one was a tailgating, causing some minor damage to the bumper, so I didn’t make any medical claims with the at fault insurance company at that time. A month later, I had another accident where my car was totaled and I had to go through multiple runs of physical therapies. Initially I didn’t plan to have a lawyer to represent me, however, the agent for the defendants insurance company (Ameriprise) who handled my property damage was very unreasonable, rude, almost impossible to talk to, and he even forced me to pay for some of the vehicle storage fee and car rental fee. I was so disappointed with how poorly Ameriprise treated my case that I decided to hire a personal injury lawyer to fight for what I deserve, and it turned out to be a great decision.

Once I got in touch with Eric, things moved very fast and super well from there. I only met with Eric in person one time to go over the details of my accidents and other logistics. During the entire time, we communicated very well through emails and phone calls. Honestly, I really only did the minimum, sending him all the documents he requested.

Eric impressed me with the following: 1. He is very smart to leverage both accidents, and negotiated an awesome deal on my medical claims all by himself. 2. He took the initiative to negotiate with the clinics and brought down the cost of physical therapies by 30%, which he didn’t take a single penny, all the money saved went to me. 3. He also did me a huge favor to successfully negotiate back the vehicle storage fee (over $500!) from Ameriprise, again, all this money went directly to me.

Given my extremely pleasant experience with Eric, I would highly highly recommend him to anyone who may need a personal injury attorney!

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