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I was injured in a car accident 2 years ago and Gruber Law Group represented and won my case! I had a lot of lawyers to choose from for my personal injury case, but I chose Eric and it made a difference! Eric made the process so easy and stress-free for me, which I was so grateful for at the time since I had to deal with my physical therapy and recovery process. Being injured in a rear-end car collision, I wasn’t sure who would handle my case or if I should do it myself. But I am so glad I chose Gruber Law Group.

My interactions with Eric were direct and regular and made me feel like I was important. He really cared about what happened to me. I never had to go out of my way to contact Eric, he kept regular communication with me and had prompt responses to my dozens of questions and concerns! It was apparent in Eric’s writing and communication style that he was comfortable and knowledgeable in dealing with my case. I am so pleased with him and all that he did for me.

I have happily recommended Gruber Law Group to my friends and family. My mom is currently working with Eric on a case and is very happy with his work on her personal injury case as well. Like mine, her car accident was severe. Eric has given my friends and family advice and every time, they’ve mentioned how genuine and caring he is. He gets the job done!

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